Sold Bay Area Dog Walking Company
Sold  Bay Area Dog Walking Company

$ 45,000

USold Lifestyle business, a professional pet services biz includes dog-walking and pet-sitting. They offer hikes and walks seven Days a Week for dog owners in the Bay Area. Licensed, bonded, in- sured. This business is best suited for dog lovers looking for cash flow and job security in a growing field. High profit industry capable of netting 25-30% of gross sales when managed well. Established since 2009, with 60+/- accounts and a fully automated online system for scheduling and billing.. This makes it easy for the company and the cus- tomers to keep track of schedules and payments. Clients can log-in anytime to schedule, reschedule, cancel or switch days around. The company is branded with social media,word of mouth as the absolute BEST dog walking and sitting service. Franchise potential possible.?Golden Age for Pet businesses in the US and other countries as the rise in pet ownership increases as well as spending per pet are the main factors that will contribute the future growth. Annual growth in pet products and pet services is expected to increase by 4.4% As household discretionary income rises so will spending on pets.( 2017 Business Reference Guide).


:: Sold Bay Area Dog Walking Company

Out Of Area, CA

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