Business Financing


 Looking for SBA Financing  to purchase a business? Here is guide to the different loans and what's expected from the lenders.


Sellers, for the edge on the competition,  it's important to know how to prepare your business and what you  need to successfully value and sell your business.


1).What Paperwork & Information To Get Ready Before Going To Market

2).Why Understanding Your Tax Returns & Financials Is So Important

3).Basics in Valuing Your Business To Sell 

4).Discussing financing options before your Buyer does. 

5). What you should look for From A Broker Or Agent

6). Understanding Business Buyers

7).Why Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Important 

8).How Deals Are Usually Structured

9).How To Advertise & Market A Business For Sale To Get The Price/Terms You Want

10).What You Should Expect From Buyers & Why Backup Offers Are Critical

11).The Closing Process: Escrow, Transition Issues, & Closing The Deal 


Coutesy of Peter Siegel, MBA a nationally known consultant to business buyers, small business owners/sellers, and to business brokers and agents. He has has written numerous articles on the topic of selling and buying California businesses for varioius media outlets - newspapers and magazines and has written three books on the topic of selling and buying small to mid-sized businesses.


Business Financing


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