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One of our complimentary services is to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis of your home, known as a CMA. This is a professional analysis and evaluation of your home, taking into account the San Luis Obispo real esate market and comparable homes that are currently listed or have sold in the last 6-8 months. These homes share similar features with your property and are referred to as comps. Comps provide statistical data that, coupled with our knowledge of local trends, allow you to make an informed decision on the listing price of your property. This is absolutely critical, as many sellers try to sell their homes on their own (called For Sale By Owners or FSBOs) and have no means by which to determine their asking price. Other sellers are misguided by inexperienced agents who offer advice not based on the market data. Either way, two negative outcomes will most likely result:

1) Too low of an asking price, which translates into a steal for someone else, but a loss of your profit; or
2) Too high of an asking price which will result in the home sitting on the market month after month, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in loss.

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