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The logistics of transitioning from one space to another thru acquisition or a sale involves the skills I’ve developed in the past 35 years of real estate practice and business brokerage.

Specializing in listing and selling small to medium sized business in a variety of business categories. We provide proven marketing for your business with personal attention given to every lead. Using the Calif Assoc. of Realtors forms and templates to draft offers and then use DocuSign for electronic signatures we provide paperless transactions. We help with landlord negotiations on your business/commercial lease.

Bringing Buyers and Sellers together for Homes , Land and Business sales since 1989 .

Business sales with Seller and Buyer representations. We assist with negotiations on price and terms of the business sale as well as leases and offer escrow guidance, disclosure protection. For Buyers, we guide the business purchase with information regarding current market conditions, pricing and business financing.

In deciding to use a business broker to buy or sell a business, consider the above mentioned  benefits. You will find that these benefits will easily justify the fees involved.

Business brokers help properly value the price of the business. Pacific Coast Brokers uses PeerComps Calculation of Value tool to assist Sellers with a Broker Price Opinion. Business brokers also help attract more prospects to your business for sale with advertising  & Broker cooperation with a  network of  other business brokerages. Keep in mind that:

A good percentage of business are purchased with all Cash from the buyer. Some other transactions are purchased using some combination of seller financing and loans.

10% of businesses are purchased with all Cash from the buyer. The other 90% are purchased using some combination of seller financing and loans. 20% of the selling price, on average, is carried by the sellers in the form of a Seller Note. Sellers should expect to carry a note to enable a successful sale of their business.

1% of buyers who inquire about a business listed for sale actually complete the process and purchase the business. We respond to every inquiring lead for your business to weed out the lookyloos and bring the motivated and qualified Buyer to the negotiations table.


“I was initially searching for a locally-based business broker and also wanted to support a female business owner as well. Antoinette’s name came up in my search. I sent off an email she replied quickly and truly… the rest is history. Antoinette is experienced, thorough and supportive. I honestly had no idea what the process would be to sell a business and she was there leading, at times solidly by my side and at others propping me up with her excellent communications and explanations. She was great with texts and quick questions and totally there with a phone call or email as needed. She is super organized and helped me be the same. I really could not have done it without her guidance. One broker recently said something that resonated about selling a business… “sometimes you really need all the stars to line up in some magical way for a deal to come together and again for it to finalize”. And that is how it felt on my side. Antoinette was there making it all happen and making it look easy. The sign of a true professional. She was never flustered or impatient with any of the process and from start to finish I felt like I was her only client. (And I understood later, that I was not.) I feel very confident passing her name along to anyone thinking of selling or buying a business. Antoinette knows her stuff.” Sandra H.

“We were so fortunate to have found Antoinette when we were looking for a home for our son in Oakland. As our Realtor, she helped us find the right house and present an appropriate offer. She was highly informed and experienced with the steps in the process and made the entire process as smooth as it could have possibly been. She was patient as we went to look at homes in several neighborhoods and helped plan the best routes for effective and efficient tours. Once we put in an offer, she was working on our behalf behind the scenes with the selling agent, the lender, and the escrow officer to close the deal. She always kept us in the know and stayed on top of the seller. In short, she was always on our side working to make our purchase as simple and successful as possible.”  David G. 

“Antoinette Payne is a Superhero. There are a few things in life more stressful than moving, but not much. It’s a fact..But thanks to Antoinette, she takes the edge off it all. She answers the lamest questions and handles the most idiotic of requests. (I should know as i am guilty of them both/all!) I call her a Superhero because I believe it might be true and her Superpower is: she doesn’t ever seem to sleep and she always there for you and responds with intelligence and kindness. Those are a few traits that are hard to find. Seriously. She is The Best. No comparison.”  Nikki D. 

“This review is a long time coming! Antoinette Payne is a skilled, amazing, professional business broker, and a wonderful person! She went above and beyond to support me from start to finish with the sale of my business, which was so personal to me. I could not have done it without her. I am eternally grateful for her kindness with the transition and helping me find new owners who were a perfect fit.” Tiffany 

As a single agent corporate office I work directly for my clients with a team of escrow officers and co operating agents to produce the results my clients want and need.

– Antoinette Payne

Have you thought about using a business broker? Here are some reason to consider

  • Business brokers can help you properly determine the sales price of your business, attract qualified prospects, and get exposure in your community.
  • Backed with the experience of helping buyers and sellers, a business broker can be the rational voice in your business purchase decision.
  • With their extended network of business resources and contacts, brokers provide valuable support for every step of the business sales process

Pacific Coast Brokers, Inc.


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Pacific Coast Brokers, Inc.

Your home or your business offers you the space where you can formulate dreams, calculate profits and  most importantly, custom create your life implementing your desired changes.

Call 415 948-4629 when looking to buy or sell real property or an established business, Antoinette Payne, Broker can assist with the logistics of buying or selling to create your desired outcome.


Calif. Assoc. of Realtors
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Antoinette Payne

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